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  1. Hi florence, i read your this post from alex chow’s blog, which i once chneacd upon through goethe’s (and have goethe’s blog returned when i was searching for 文化起義 in google).actually i have a question about reporter to ask. i’m interested in working as a reporter, but i am not graduated from journalism, nor was i from subjects of humanities, languages, social science/work. i’d very much want to work in newspaper company regardless of the low pay that i heard of. In your experience, do you know any reporter who have similar background as me (who started with something else for a few years, and not graduated from the aforementioned faculties)?i blog in liverjournal.com instead. I hope you will not mind if i didn’t post my link our here….yet.- mfy.

  2. “ I just love telling stories and tend to gravitate to what I find interesting at the moment. I  don’t have a specific genre of documentary that I stick to.” says Tarryn

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