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  1. Your comment is so wrong, on so many lelevs it’s hard to pick a place to begin.In the first place, why does Revolution imply Warfare? The fact that your brand of revolution requires warfare immediately makes it suspect and despicable. Change by violence may be romantic to people like you who are incapable of thinking on your own, yet it’s effects are pernicious and short lasting and produce more harm than good in the end.For so long, the poorer classes in Venezuela complained that they were marginalized, trod upon, etc. etc. With some truth, and some exaggeration thrown in as well.Now that the supposed defenders of the poorer classes have been in power for 14 years, we are left with a country on the brink of failing economically despite record oil prices, a sick man as leader who hides his true sickness and a probable successor who continues the diatribe and division of our society. Meanwhile, crime continues rampant, we still have double digit inflation and import 80% or more of what we consume and are still just an exporter of raw materials and not an exporter of finished products and other value added things.People like you keep forgetting that almost half (yes, 45% is almost half) of the country rejected Mr. Chavez and his 40 thieves’ way of thinking two months ago. We don’t need to analyze class, we need to have leaders that SHOW SOME CLASS and reach out to ALL to pull the ship of state away from the rocky shore it’s headed to.You want class analysis, head over to Aporrea and go smoke some green lumpia over there, for all the good THAT does.Your revolution is a massive failure and waste of talent, money, lives and opportunities.

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