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Cape Town – Tarryn Crossman has been producing and directing content for over 10 years, most notably as a senior producer at MTV Africa, where she was solely responsible for producing content from 48 African territories.

1. What are your thoughts on the Indie Karoo festival as a vehicle for independent film-makers in SA?

Any platform that allows us to show out films is a gift! We need more festivals in SA, where it’s hard to actually see independent documentaries and fictions films. And the Karoo is just an amazing place for filmmakers to come together. I’m really sad I am missing it!

2. You have such diverse films on offer?

I just love telling stories and tend to gravitate to what I find interesting at that moment. I don’t really have a specific genre of documentary that I stick to.

3.  To what do you attribute the awards you’ve won?

Hard work and a lot of passion. Most of my independent work has been made with no budget and in really testing situations, so you have to really believe in the story and yourself.

4. What are you doing in America?

We are in the states now shooting my next film. It doesn’t have nameyet.It is dealing with how social media has changed the way we grieve or how we say goodbye. We are doing three very different stories from three different parts of the world. One from Australia, which is about Kaileigh Fryer. She died in a car accident and left behind a bucket list that went viral. The second one is from the USA. It is about Amber Cornwell a teenager who wrote about her suicide on Facbook before she killed herself. Her suicide has been blamed on cyber bullying. The third one is from SA, we don’t have this one locked down yet.

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